Tips for Buying a Used Construction Equipment

Construction types of equipment are great investments a company can make, and a lot goes into consideration before purchasing the equipment.

The trading company, Van Adrighem Group, is a household name in the crane industry, offering a platform to purchase, rent, sell your old construction equipment and upgrade to a better one. Are you planning on buying used construction machinery? Below are some guiding tips.

  • Establish the purpose of the equipment.

Construction equipment performs a variety of tasks at a construction site. Is the equipment meant for specialized tasks or industrial tasks? With several options available to meet your requirement, determining the specific purpose of the equipment helps narrow it down to one construction piece of equipment.

  • Research on the required equipment

Do your research on the equipment you are considering getting more insights on equipment specifications. Check the inspection report for more details of the equipment history, strengths, and weaknesses to determine how long the used equipment will last.

  • Requirement specification

Outline your specific requirements for the equipment. Some of the parameters to consider are the model, size, height of lift, and lifting capabilities. The surrounding environmental condition of the construction site needs consideration too. Assess any additional features like sway control, remote control, or hoist speed to improve the performance and enhance the productivity of the equipment.

  • Know your supplier

It cost an extra amount to travel, meet the supplier, and inspect the unit of consideration. Read the testimonials and reviews on the supplier to see how credible the source is, what others think of the seller, and how people feel working with the seller. Getting a licensed dealer means buying from a licensed supplier of construction types of equipment. Ensure to check if the seller is licensed. Use the information gathered to make an informed decision and avoid shady salespeople.

  • Parts of the construction equipment

Construction equipment parts can be expensive to purchase. Buying a used piece of construction equipment help to save the company a lot of money, however, some part of the equipment, especially specialized equipment for some projects, can be expensive to purchase and repair. Check on the availability of the spare parts as some are as expensive as buying a new one.

  • Inspect the used equipment

Physically inspect the used equipment instead of relying only on the given reports. A physical inspection helps to ensure the equipment meets your standards. Bring with you a qualified mechanic to the equipment inspection in case you do not have sufficient knowledge of the equipment.

  • Keep track of the paper work.

Whether buying from a private seller or a public company ensures to get proof of payment, check the terms and conditions before closing the payment, and guarantee where applicable. Keep track of any paper trail to avoid any discrepancies. Avoid cash payment.


To make wise and informed decisions, visit Van Adrighem group for any heavy transportation, earthmoving, and construction machinery to meet your specification requirements within your budget, and get more information before buying used equipment.