How To Ensure Your Home Is Ready For The Summer Heat

Preparing a home for summer is an important task. Those who fail to do so will realise, often too late, that a few days of intense sunshine or swelter can quickly interfere with the comfort of living space. This can happen in a number of ways and affect both interior spaces and gardens alike, often being caused by homeowners expecting the same property designs to provide comfort all year round, regardless of the season.

With a little preparation, however, residents can ensure that homes are prepared to handle the heat. Even small investments can be worthwhile just the same as larger renovations, especially if there is a surprise heatwave. To ensure you’re prepared, here are the fundamental practices that all homeowners should engage in as preparation for the warmer season.


Clear Spaces Benefit Airflow

Living spaces that are overcrowded with belongings or dense with furniture are less likely to have suitable airflow. While this is suitable for the winter, with many residents keeping their homes well-insulated with the presence of personal belongings, during the summer it hinders comfort. Large curtains, thick fabrics, and crowded decorations each absorb warmth and limit airflow, which is why they should be replaced with summer-suitable alternatives or simply packed away for the season.

Establish Places Of Comfort

While it can be difficult to ensure an entire home is comfortable during the summer, certain rooms can become sanctuaries from the heat. Gardens, balconies, summer houses, and even extensions are ideal spaces for homeowners, each being either fundamentally supportive of summer comfort or easily transformed into ideal summer spaces.

If there is such a room available during the season’s heat, it can offer ideal respite for residents. This is why some will consider spare bedrooms as their summer bedroom, alternating between each space depending on the season.

Garden Practices

Those with gardens are certainly in a good place for managing the summer sun, with space to cool off and even sunbathe. However, gardens will require their own upkeep during the summer period to ensure that they maintain their beauty during drier seasons.

Watering is a fundamental practice but one that becomes difficult during varying degrees of hosepipe restrictions. This is why it is wise for homeowners to invest in a rainwater collection unit, enabling them to take care of their garden even during periods of limitation or drought.

Clean Exteriors

During the summer period, you and others are likely to be outside much more often. As such, it is important that areas such as lawns, decking, and even property facades are cleaned and maintained. This can mean taking the time to scrub or even powerwash outdoor walkways and walls, ensuring they are not only presentable but safe, and being free from overgrowth and build-up from the winter period.

Install Fans

Cooling systems come in many forms and for homes that do not get suitable airflow, it is crucial that residents think ahead. By investing in ceiling fans or table fans, residents have a quick way to help a room to reduce in temperature. However, what many fail to remember is that these fans must be positioned properly, ideally not just circulating warm air around a room but actively removing it by sending it out of a window.