May 2021


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A scalloped open cellar is a driving force behind this advanced family home in the luxury legacy of Bukit Timah. A perspective of the Olympic swimming pool can be seen from the cellar, through a huge inspection panel. The main element is a flight of stairs in the sculptural strip, which joins the stories of the living room and the private room by architecture firms singapore.

Alternative 1

This unpretentious home sits on a unique framed plot in the center of Singapore. Surrounded by a street of blood vessels that indicates an interstate on the main length of the site, the house is protected from traffic by the use of substantial vertical balance dividers outside the structure, which are deliberately placed to allow perspectives on the Olympic pool and organize planted as a cushion component.

Alternative 2

The plan for this accommodation confined to a luxury accommodation domain in the center of Singapore was obtained from the state of the three-sided land on which it is located. White beveled projections and steel screens along the length of the elevation of the structure highlight the width of the terrain and lend a contemporary class quality to the structure’s varnish.

Alternative 3

A seven-meter-high two-volume courtyard is the core of this multi-generation family home. Crossing this emotional space of the composition, a thin suspended extension interfaces with the front and rear wings of the house, which involve the guardians and their children’s families.

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Tips for Swimming Pool Safety

If you are planning to build a pool on your property, safety is always an issue and if you happen to live in Australia, your pool must be compliant with the Swimming Pool Act of 1982, which has been amended several times. The first thing to do is find out what the state requirements actually are, which we have outlined below.

  • Pool Fencing – Of course, you must have a solid barrier surrounding the pool, which should be at least 1500mm high and preferably made from safety glass. Glass is ideal due to the fact that you can see right into the pool area Make sure there are no gaps larger than 100mm that could be used by a child as a foothold, while the fencing should be in good order.
  • Gate – The gate should be outward opening with a self-closing mechanism that closes the gate from any position. The latch needs to be at least 1500mm from the ground to prevent a young child from gaining unauthorised access.
  • Inside the Pool Area – The items allowed inside the pool enclosure are; pool cleaning equipment, pool filtration, permanent shading and fixed water slides. Outdoor furniture and BBQs are not suitable and if you want your pool to be safety compliant, all furniture should be outside of the pool enclosure. What you should have inside is a clearly visible CPR sign and you can find this product for sale online.
  • The Outer Perimeter – There should be no items within 1200mm of the pool fencing, as objects could be used as climbing aids, so do walk around the outside of the pool barrier and check that there are no tree branches or rocks that could be used to navigate the barrier.

Never Leave Children Unattended

Of course, there must always be at least one adult supervising when children are using the pool; you can’t leave them alone, not even for a second. When talking to the pool builder, ask him for a quote to install suitable fencing and prepare the pool and surrounding area for a pool safety inspection. These are the people who know the safety requirements and when you think the pool is ready for certification, there is pool certification in Penrith from a state-approved company.

When the pool is not in use, the gate must be secured at all times and with glass fencing, you will see should a child or a pet gain access.

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