September 2020


 What is Tree Surgery

The label, tree surgeon, conjures up some strange visuals. You might imagine all sorts of machines beeping and pumping, while a tree lies in some elongated bed being worked on by a team of people in surgical scrubs. But tree surgery is more Lumberjack and Tarzan than it is an episode of ER. It is an occupation requiring knowledge and skill, and in this way A tree surgeon does resemble a medical professional.

  • How is it Learned: Tree surgeons usually get their start by entering a program of forestry, arboriculture, or forest management. There are also college courses that can get you started. Aside from the scientific training. There are many different paths, but eventually an in-depth knowledge of tree types, diseases and characteristics is developed.
  • Where do Tree Surgeon’s Careers Begin? Tree surgeons get most of their knowledge on the job, working with professionals, government agencies or private companies. Tree surgery relies heavily upon on the job training, simply for the fact that you can’t get the trees into the classroom. A tree surgeon spends his time high up in the air with a chainsaw and ropes
  • What is The Job Description: Tree surgeons take care of trees, but not in the same way as an arborist? Arborists for the most part work from the ground and provide analysis and expert advice about tree and forest care. Whereas the Tree surgeon takes care of the individual tree, cutting away offending branches for safety, or for the future health of the tree. Tree surgery is very dangerous and should not be considered by amateurs. There are a lot of specialties that come together, such as climbing skills and bush craft. And of course, they are experts on tree variety, and they know where and when to do the lopping. They also assess hazards and use heavy machinery. Professional tree Lopping in Fremantle is available.

Tree surgeons are the experts in tree maintenance and removal. They are skilled in assessing the conditions of trees and can provide detailed strategies to extend the life of an area of trees. Quite often they are the people you call when you realise you have a problem, but it would be better to consult with them much sooner to avoid expensive removals and the loss of favourite trees. Most tree loppers would be happy to provide you with good analysis of your tree health and provide estimates for proactive maintenance.

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